Tuesday, August 26, 2008

FW: 'Yothu Yindi' by Barrupu Yunapingu

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FW: 'Madarrpa' Djambawa Marawili

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'Mawindi' by Galarrawuy Yunupingu

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Monday, August 25, 2008

Australia's Atomic Confessions

Lambs on the alter of British science

Australian Atomic Confessions is a story about the people of the
land and the servicemen who served their country.
50 years after 12 atomic bomb tests, our nuclear history continues�

Australian Atomic Confessions
Uranium mines, nuclear reactors and a nuclear waste dump�
How far does it go?

Australian Atomic Confessions, a 50 min. documentary

Kathy Aigner & G.K. Young Music by Bart Willoughby, Frank Yamma and Louis Burdett


Live Mobile Stream...

'Mawindi' by Galarrawuy Yunupingu

'Madarrpa' Djambawa Marawili

'Yothu Yindi' by Barrupu Yunapingu

'Mokuy' by Napuwarri Marawili.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Friday, August 22, 2008

Blue Mud Bay Ceremony

The High Court has confirmed one of the most significant cases under the Northern Territory Land Rights Act, giving traditional owners exclusive rights over tidal waters along Aboriginal land.

The decision on the rights at Blue Mud Bay means traditional owners will be able to determine when and where commercial and recreational fishing is carried out along 80 per cent of the Territory's coastline, as well as in tidal rivers.


The Crocodile


Gulkula is where the ancestor Ganbulabula brought the yidaki
(didjeridu) into being among the Gumatj people. The festival is
designed to encourage the practice, preservation and maintenance of
traditional dance (bunggul), song (manikay), art and ceremony on
Yolngu lands in Northeast Arnhem Land.


FW: Gunbalanya kids rehearse for stone country festival

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Gunbalanya kids rehearse for stone country festival

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dave in Ramo Video


night birds again

working on digital media at garma festival

Jeffrey Lee talks at Koongarra, May 2008

Jeffrey Lee is the last of the Djok clan and the senior custodian of the Koongarra uranium deposit, talks about mining inside Kakadu National Park, NT.

The Black GST

by undergrowth

The Black GST This short documentary about contemporary and historical indigenous issues is narrated by two of the leaders of the Black GST movement, Robbie and Marg Thorpe. It explores the three main issues of unfinished business leftover from Australia's reconciliation movement. G- Genocide S - Sovereignty T- Treaty

For more information visit the websites:
Black GST
Stolenwealth Games


by heidi douglas

Australia 2000, Year of Reconciliation: five hundred thousand people walk across the Sydney Harbour Bridge to support reconciliation between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians. In Central Australia Indigenous elder Kevin Buzzacott begins a 3060 kilometre walk carrying a sacred fire from Lake Eyre to Sydney. He leaves behind the original sacred fire at the Arabunna Going Home Peace Camp on the shores of Lake Eyre. Without his protection however those left to tend to the fire are soon the target of attempts by WMC Uranium mine to evict the camp. Walking the land he passes through Adnyamathanha country similarly threatened by mining interest. This is a journey into active reconciliation and genocide of people deeply connected to the protection of the land.


Oceania Indymedia News Real
On January 2002, while the Aboriginial Tent Embassy celebrated its 30th anniverary, Aboriginal Elders led an action to reclaim the sacred totems of the Kangaroo and Emu from the Australian Coat of Arms. Ceremonies were then held to celebrate its return to Aboriginal peoples, and the coat of arms placed on public display in front of the ceremonial fire.


by Tara Jones

Documentary about the radioactive waste dump proposed for the Northern Territory, Australia. Traditional Owners and community members who live at the proposed sites explain their concerns. Dr Helen Caldicott explains the reality of living near a nuclear waste dump. An inspiring story of indigenous insight and resistance.

Monday, August 18, 2008

Yirrkala School Graduation

Bunggul Performance

en route 2 ramo

FW: leaving maningrida

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Monday, August 4, 2008

Commonwealth Nuclear waste facility - Mitch, Barbara Shaw and Diane Stokes talk.

Last month the Federal Minister for Energy and Resources, Martin Ferguson announced that he would fast track the decision to build a Commonwealth nuclear waste facility in the outback Northern Territory.

Three of the proposed sites, Hart’s Range, Mount Everard, and Fisher’s Ridge are located at defense base sites. The fourth, Muckaty Station was nominated by the Northern Land Council. The station is managed by a land trust comprised of a group of traditional owners. One of this group, the Ngapa family, have nominally agreed to the facility, but many others have not.

Mitch (Harts Range), Barbara Shaw (Alice Springs) and Diane Stokes(Muckaty Station) visited theweathergroup_U site on Cockatoo Island, 4 July 2008. They discussed their concerns about the dump, uranium mining and its effects on their traditional countries. You can listen to them speak here.

Many thanks to Nat Wasley and Paddy Gibson.